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Hello guys,

As I told you, we know more information about the new game that EA is going to publish in autumn. Today I am going to talk about the different weapons that we can have in this game. For example, we will have available important weapons such as the AK-47, the 870 MCS or the UMP-45…

Here you have the full list:

Riot Shield
Baseball Bat
Smoke Grenade
Grappling Hook
Double-Barreled Shotgun
Smith & Wesson 640


Hello guys

Today the information about the new Battlefield game has been revealed. It is going to be called “Battlefield Hardline” and it will consists of thieves and the police. In my opinion it is not a good idea to see a Battlefield game per year and I don’t like the idea of having a game that doesn’t have anything to do with the Battlefield saga. It is not going to be a shooter which involves war between countries so why is it going to have the “Battlefield game”? From my point of view, the game will be a completely disaster because we have similar games such as PayDay.

What do you think about this game?

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Hello guys

I have been reading some websites that say that EA and DICE are going to add a new DLC. It is going to be called “Dragon’ s Teeth”.

It will focus on urban combat with heavy vehicles, infantry warfare, and more. The Dragon’s Teeth DLC is similar to previous ones in the series, such as Close Quarters and Aftermath, in that it focuses on tight, urban combat in war torn cities. The DLC will be available for $15, or for free to anyone who owns Premium. Additionally, those with Premium get a two-week head start on the new content.

It will bring some weapons such as the Bulldog 762 Assault RifleSIG MPX PDWMcMillan CS5 Sniper RifleUnica 6 Magnum, and the Desert Eagle and the Ballistic Shield.

Some links for you to read in order to learn more about this expansion:

Hello guys!

DICE and EA have done it again! They have put a new Easter Egg in one of the maps of Naval Strike (lastest DLC). In this case we can see that it consists in a big shark that jumps from the bottom of the ocean. It is AMAZING!

Here I leave you the video from the person who has discovered.

Hello guys!

As usual, I entered in the blog and I saw that some people have started following my blog. It is awesome to find people that also like “the Battlefield world”. I will keep posting interesting news in order you to enjoy the blog.


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Yesterday I was thinking about creating a new way to contact with me. I think that creating a Twitter account will be something useful for the blog but I am not sure if it will work. Anyway, if I see that you want me to create a Twitter account I will do it.

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Hello guys! Today I leave you a technical talk from the AMD GPU14 Tech Day by Johan Andersson in the Frostbite team at DICE/EA about Battlefield 4 on PC which is the first title that will use ‘Mantle’ – a very high-performance low-level graphics API being in close collaboration by AMD and DICE/EA to get the absolute best performance and experience in Frostbite games on PC.
Hope you like it!