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Hello guys,

At last we have the private servers available! Although PC players got them since the game started the rest of the users could only play in official servers. I think it is a good piece of news because now we can rent our own server. ¬†What’s more we will have the chance to play longer rounds instead of those matches with the same amount of tickets. Also we will play with a different rotation map instead of playing the same ones always.

Are you enjoying the private servers in Battlefield 4? Let me know in the comments side!


Hello guys,

Today I would like to talk about the game modes in Battlefield 4. Some of them were in Battlefield 3 but others are new in the saga.

As we have seen, EA has included new game modes in the DLCs. In China Rising DLC they included “Air Superiority”, in Second Assault they added “Capture the flag” and in Naval Strike they included “Carrier Assault”. In my opinion, the last one is the best one in the game because it is a mixture of conquest and rush. It has everything! You can fight against infantry or against vehicles. The problem is that it is not available for everyone and the type of console you use because if you play in PS3 or in XBOX 360 you won’t enjoy it as if you were playing in PS4, PC or XBOX ONE.

What is your favourite game mode? Leave your opinion in the comments area!